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Our Mission

At Plumbing Excellence our mission statement is to attain the following at all times:
  • To provide a quality service offering at all times at just and reasonable pricing.
  • Work co-operatively to provide a consistently high standard of work using our best endeavors to fix the job every time.
  • Show tolerance and respect for all persons we come in contact with.
  • Apply a total commitment to the perpetuation of the plumbing industry through structured training and education of our staff and by involvement in industry organizations.
  • Have a long-term view of our projects always.
  • Use technology as a means of problem-solving and quick turn-around time.
  • Show respect for the environment and actively promote the efficient and economical use of resources and renewable energy at all opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is provide quick, easy and convenient plumbing solutions that are of reputable quality and affordable pricing to all commercial, domestic and residential industries.

Our Purpose

“At Plumbing Excellence we pride ourselves on our plumbing knowledge, workmanship, and ability to get the job done in the most cost effective way possible with minimal mess and fuss.” Yours Faithfully – Managing Director.


Plumbing Excellence is a company that constantly aims to uplift the country in which it operates from. The company realizes that making an investment in people will have a positive effect for the future of South Africa. Plumbing Excellence is aware of its role and is involved in the development of skills and the transfer of wealth and knowledge to those previously disadvantaged in this country.

The company aims to give one lucky worthy student a bursary each year. The firm also adopts a policy of social commitment and supports various charities and social groups in Durban, KZN. The company also assists public schools with upgrading and maintenance of their school facilities as well as supports poor communities with food hampers during the festive season between Christmas and the New Year.


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